Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions…
We will update this page as needed so check back!

Q. I’d like to get some great drone footage from this event. Can I bring and fly my drone at NOVA?

A. Sadly, no. Our event is within about 7 million “No Fly Zones.” This include proximity to Regan National Airport, Washington DC, The White House, Capitol Hill, Andrews Air Force Base…. I could go on and on and on. But you get the idea.

Q. Are modifications allowed to a competitors motorcycle?

A. This question is one we get quite often. Certain modifications are allowed. However, modifications can NOT affect the STOCK TURN GEOMETRY of your motorcycle. Softbrake pedals, adjustable clutch/brake levers, crash guard/saddlebag guard protectors, auxiliary lighting, etc are permitted. Any modification that gives the motorcycle a tighter turn radius or lean angle is NOT permitted.

Q. Do you publish your patterns prior to the event?

A. One of the most popular things about our event is how unique and challenging our cone patterns are. The staff spends a great deal of time to create challenging and unique patterns. For this reason we do not publish our patterns prior to the event. While you may recognize a part of a commonly used pattern, that is where the similarity ends. NOVA patterns are unique to our event and change every year.

Q. What motorcycle can I compete on?

A. Pretty much any large V-Twin (min. 88 cu. in.) motorcycle or larger metric bike with at least a 998 cc sized engine. Typical motorcycles seen at these types of competitions are Harley Davidson Road Kings and Electra Glides, BMW R1200RT, Honda Goldwing and Kawasaki Concours motorcycles. If you have a specific bike in mind, feel free to contact us and we’ll help clarify.

Q. What skill level am I?

A. Generally speaking, if you have never competed in a formal competition or only a few and never placed in the top 3, you are considered a novice. Experts are riders that have competed in a formal rodeo as novices and placed in the top 3. Experts are also riders that have demonstrated a high level of proficiency in past competitions and novice patterns are considered too easy. Elite riders are competitors that have placed anywhere in the top 3 places OVERALL. Meaning, if you place in the top 3 in your division (i.e. Expert Police or Civilian), you are still considered an expert. If you placed anywhere in the top 3 OVERALL (i.e. Top Gun Award, Top Rider Award, etc), you are considered an elite rider.

Q. This is my very first rodeo. What can I do to prepare?

A. Pretty simple, get out to a parking lot with lots of open space and PRACTICE! I would recommend you take as many riding courses as possible to gain the proper technique and riding style for this type of competition. Also, get used to dropping your bike! There are a lot of products you can buy to help protect your engine guards, etc. But get used to dropping and picking up your bike a LOT. While at the rodeo, talk to the expert riders for help. Watch and learn what they do. You’ll pick up your own techniques faster than you think. Above all, HAVE FUN!!

Q. Are the registration fees refundable?

A. Registration fees for this event are non-refundable. Only in a situation where the event has to be cancelled due to a catastrophic weather event or other situation will the fees be refunded. That said, if you have paid your fees and can’t make it, you can substitute your spot with another rider. Just email the event coordinator with the contact information for your replacement so we can send out a new registration form.

Q. How will each rider be scored and ranked?

A. Depending on which division and class you compete, each rider has to complete the required courses in order to be ranked. Throughout each individual course, the rider will be scored on time and penalties. Penalties include, but are not limited to, brushing a cone, tipping a cone, putting a foot down or dropping your bike. Each penalty holds different weight and is explained on day one of the competition.

Q. How will active motor officers compete?

A. Active duty motor officers will compete on a duty issued motorcycle. Motor officers are only required to wear full uniform on the last day of competition (vests are optional). Motor officers MUST compete in the following courses to be ranked:

1. Individual Slow Race
2. Precision Course

3. Timed Course
4. Challenge Course

Motor officers that are brand new to their unit can compete as novices but will still ride the expert patterns.

Q. What about civilians?

A. Civilian novices must complete their own speed/precision course and individual slow race for score. Civilian experts/elites must complete the same courses as the motor officers.

Q. What is the “last rider standing” event?

A. This event is a fun course that is completely optional for every competitor. The event staff will lay out a random pattern and invite multiple riders at a time to ride into the pattern at the same time. The first rider to touch a cone, put a foot down or drop their bike gets eliminated. This will continue until only one rider remains… and wins. And yes, we have an award for this event.

Q. I have an RV/Tent I’d like to set up. Can I?

A. Absolutely! We have limited space available for RVs and tents. Since we want to maximize the space for our courses, RV and tent space is on a first come, first served basis. You MUST email the event coordinator with the dimensions (Length and Width) of your RV or tent. As long as there is space available, the event coordinator will email you confirmation and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that there are no water nor power hook ups. We also ask that you PLEASE manage your own trash to keep the parking lot clean.

Q. My department has a large motorcycle unit but we can only register four riders. Why?

A. For that reason, we decided to limit each agency to a maximum of 4 riders so that other agencies in the area can compete. The Washington DC area has numerous agencies with motor units and some are very large. That said, if we have any slots remaining immediately before the event, we will open up registration on a first come, first served basis. All registered competitors will get an email notifying about the open registration.

Q. Is the public invited to watch?

A. Absolutely! The general public can come out and watch any of the 3 days of competition. However, the best day is the last day as we will have vendors, food, a processional ride and other activities planned. All we ask is that the public respect the barriers we will have in place to protect both the spectators and our competitors.

Q. What happens if you sell out of competitor slots? How can I get in on this event?

A. As stated before, we are capping this event to a total of 90 riders. Based on how registration has been going, we fully expect to sell out of competitor slots way before the event. So our advice is to register as soon as possible. Once we reach 90 competitors, the registration page will be shut down indicating we have met our maximum. We will have a form you can fill out that will put you on a waitlist should anyone not be able to make it nor find a replacement. If we have slots open up, emails will be sent and/or phone calls will be made to the waitlisted names.